About Us

About Us

Who are We?

The Kenya Association of Clinical Pathologists (KACP) was established by a group of dedicated professionals in the field of clinical pathology with the aim of advancing excellence in laboratory medicine and patient care. Committed to fostering innovation, research, and collaboration, KACP serves as a driving force in elevating standards in clinical pathology across the region.

The association provides a platform for clinical pathologists and healthcare professionals to engage in dialogue, share insights, and collectively work towards enhancing the quality of pathology services. Through a focus on research, education, and continuous improvement, KACP strives to be a leading influence in shaping the future of clinical pathology and promoting optimal patient outcomes.

As a professional society, KACP is actively involved in various aspects of laboratory medicine and patient care:

  • Providing essential clinical care and diagnostic services to patients across the country.
  • Contributing to the training and development of laboratory medicine professionals, including pathologists, laboratory technicians, and other healthcare workers.
  • Actively engaging in research initiatives aimed at improving diagnostic techniques, treatment strategies, and patient outcomes.
  • Collaborating with national healthcare authorities to develop and implement policies related to laboratory medicine and patient care.
  • Partnering with other healthcare organizations and advocacy groups to advocate for improved laboratory services and patient care standards.
  • Maintaining affiliations with regional and international organizations in the field of pathology and laboratory medicine, fostering exchange of knowledge and best practices.

Through its multifaceted approach, KACP is dedicated to advancing the practice of clinical pathology, supporting its members, and ultimately improving healthcare delivery and outcomes for patients throughout the region.


Our Objectives

The Kenya Association of Clinical Pathologists (KACP) was founded with a clear objective: to champion excellence in laboratory medicine and patient care within the realm of clinical pathology. By setting high standards and promoting best practices, KACP strives to significantly elevate the quality of clinical pathology services across the region.

  • Promote scientific knowledge of Pathology through meetings, seminars, discussions, reports and publications.
  • Establish ethics and standards for education, training and practice in the field of Pathology.
  • Assist individuals in the field of Pathology to pursue advanced studies and to engage in scientific investigations.
  • Formulate mechanisms for the creation, promotion and maintenance of standards for certification of individuals in all branches of Pathology.
  • Promote the advancement of all medical and non-medical sciences which fall under the umbrella of Pathology: Anatomical Pathology, Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Clinical Chemistry, Immunopathology, Medical Jurisprudence, Neuropathology, Microbiology (which includes Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology and Parasitology), Oncology, Cytopathology, Molecular Pathology and other medical laboratory subspecialties which will evolve from time to time.
  • Initiate and participate in programmes related to Pathology that are in the interest of the public.
  • Promote programmes for the recognition of the profession of Pathology.
  • Seek legally accepted mechanisms in advising the Ministry of Health in matters pertaining to the practice of Pathology including the advancement of quality control in Clinical Laboratories.
  • Liaise with other professional associations inside and outside Kenya

Through its multifaceted approach, KACP is steadfastly committed to advancing the field of clinical pathology. We prioritize the support and growth of our members while striving to enhance healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes across the region. Our objective is clear: to be a driving force in shaping the future of clinical pathology, fostering collaboration, and promoting excellence in patient care.


Our Mission

Our mission is deeply rooted in fostering innovation, conducting rigorous research, and fostering collaborative efforts among professionals.


Our Leadership

Dr. Noelle Orata
Dr. Serah Kaggia
Dr. Nancy Okinda
Dr. Jonathan Wawire
Dr. Simon Onsongo
Deputy Secretary
Prof Emily Rogena
Council Member
Dr.Beatrice Kabera
Council Member