Kenya Association of Clinical Pathologist (KACP)

We are dedicated to the advancement of Pathology through educational exchanges in Kenya and in the East Africa Region.
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What we do

  • We are dedicated to the advancement of Pathology through educational exchanges in Kenya and in the East Africa Region.
  • Collectively, we provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of advances in the understanding of pathological processes and for the presentation and critical evaluation of scientific, technological and methodological advances.

Our Mission

The Kenya Association of Pathologists, henceforth referred to as the Association, has no political objectives and is formed solely for the purpose of furthering the public interest by encouraging the study, advancing the science and improving the practice of Pathology in Kenya.

Our Committees

KACP is built of five sub-committes.
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Our Objectives

  • Promote scientific knowledge of Pathology through meetings, seminars, discussions, reports and publications.
  • Establish ethics and standards for education, training and practice in the field of Pathology.
  • Assist individuals in the field of Pathology to pursue advanced studies and to engage in scientific investigations.
  • Formulate mechanisms for the creation, promotion and maintenance of standards for certification of individuals in all branches of Pathology.
  • Promote the advancement of all medical and non-medical sciences which fall under the umbrella of Pathology: Anatomical Pathology, Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Clinical Chemistry, Immunopathology, Medical Jurisprudence, Neuropathology, Microbiology (which includes Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology and Parasitology), Oncology, Cytopathology, Molecular Pathology and other medical laboratory subspecialties which will evolve from time to time.
  • Initiate and participate in programmes related to Pathology that are in the interest of the public.
  • Promote programmes for the recognition of the profession of Pathology.
  • Seek legally accepted mechanisms in advising the Ministry of Health in matters pertaining to the practice of Pathology including the advancement of quality control in Clinical Laboratories.
  • Liaise with other professional associations inside and outside Kenya


Interim guidelines on handling of human remains infected With covid- 19 in kenya

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS CO-V 2) virus is a Novel Corona virus that was identified as causing a cluster of pneumonia and deaths in Wuhan city in China on 31st December 2019...

Laboratory guidelines on the diagnosis, monitoring, surveillance and testing strategy of covid-19

These testing guidelines for SARS-CoV-2 were developed in response to the new Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The outbreak started in Wuhan City, Hubei Province in mainland China in December 2019...

East African Journal of Pathology- July 2020, Volume 7, No. 1

Preparedness of clinical laboratories to handle pandemics and emergencies: Lessons learned from COVID-19...

Maina D, MBChB, MMed (Clin Path), Dip (STI), FCPath (ECSA)

East African Journal of Pathology - December 2019, Volume 6, No. 1

The 13th biennial Kenya Association of Clinical Pathologists conference was held on 16th – 18th October 2019...

Omuse G, MBChB, MMed (Path), FCPathECSA

East African Journal of Pathology - July 2018, Volume 5, No. 1

A spotlight on the adoption of the new ISUP grade groups: Histopathologists are no strangers to minutiae...

Kibera J, MBChB (MUK), MMed (Anat Path) (AKU)

East African Journal of Pathology - December 2017, Volume 4, No. 2

Research mentorship is key for developing future researchers: Although traditionally defined as a relationship between...

Shahin S, MMed, FCPath-ECSA

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