DR. Noelle Orata
Position: Secretary
consultant Pathologist.
Education / Accreditation: MBChB
Dr. Noelle Orata, is a consultant Pathologist with over 10 years uninterrupted clinical and medical management practice with immense experience in Kenya and regionally, stemming from having served at both the public and private sectors and participated in numerous conferences in Africa.
Professional associations: She is the current secretary of Kenya Association of Clinical Pathologists,
Member of the scientific board of the Children’s Sickle Cell Foundation,
Member of the East African Division of International Academy of Pathology,
She has also served as council member of the Kenya Medical Women’s Association.
She has an immense passion in the provision of quality healthcare and contribution to the body of knowledge in health in pathology through publications. She is a co-founder of The Pathology Network and a trustee of Faraja Cancer Support Trust giving her technical expertise in clinical care and laboratory management, quality assurance and health systems optimization. Her interest is in health systems strengthening specifically laboratory systems strengthening in Kenya and globally.